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  • IT Service solution


    • Company Tel:86-10-62431717
    • Solution Tel:86-10-62431697
    • Company Fax:86-10-62431800
    • Email:suport@rayootech.com

    Investment management system using process driven business model to achieve the investment business processes and standardization.

    Through the investment management system, customer can perform real-time tracking of the project, which can improve the work efficiency.

    The system will work closely with the core business and performance assessment, finally improve the investment mechanism of standardized management ability, risk control ability, market expansion ability, market response and low cost operation ability, collaboration ability and resources sharing ability.

    Compared with the similar products on the market, the system is more convenient and faster implementation.

    At present, the system has been applied to Chinese largest investment management companies, our service products also have obvious price advantage.